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DTOvation: Stellar Music, Arts, Sports, and Entertainment

Authored by: Jamie Kruger
September 13, 2022

All of DTO is a stage… a gallery… a stadium… a venue. Downtown Orlando is the hub of an unbelievably dynamic region. People living throughout or visiting the Orlando metro area have a significant array of entertainment options downtown. 

Most of Orlando’s 62+ million annual visitors know its tourist destinations. However, the world is playing catch-up, and as one headline reads, “Beyond Mickey Mouse: a Disney destination matures.” The New York Times listed Orlando #13 out of 52 places to go in the world in 2015, citing our new performing arts center, major league soccer team, and food scene. 

Locals know that DTO offers a distinctively different version of “attractions.” Our cast of characters includes professional and collegiate athletes, and some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, and performing arts. 

We are a destination for music, arts, sports, and entertainment and, in many respects, we’re just getting started. Our growing arts and gallery offerings, variety of small and medium music and theater stages, world-class performing arts center, and indoor and outdoor sports venues, create an experience destination that has something to offer everyone. 

We will foster a stellar music, art, sports, and entertainment scene by: 

  • Helping our residents and visitors discover events through intuitive interactive apps and programs that make DTO more user-friendly and connect people fluidly to all of the possibilities as well as parking and public transit options. 
  • Ensuring the lasting success of the investment made in downtown Orlando’s venues by programming a critical mass of event days and nights that will provide the demand for complementary commercial and social activities. 
  • Continuing our success in encouraging a variety of events and increasing awareness of these events. 
  • Encouraging special gatherings, arts and culture events, street fairs, and concerts within downtown. 
  • Claiming our title as a premier sports city.

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