Human-Scaled Development

DTOwn: A Community that Takes Care of its Own

Authored by: Jamie Kruger
September 13, 2022

We are a city that takes pride in taking care of its own. We celebrate and support the kaleidoscope of diversity that defines us. The common ties that bind people, businesses, organizations, and institutions make up our unique DTO community. Strong linkages and collaboration among these diverse groups create a mighty social fabric that supports and cares for our community, its economy, and our most precious natural resource: our people. 

We will continue to foster and grow a culture of respect and an environment that celebrates service and compassion, where people understand their connection to the larger whole, have access to community services, and enjoy greater health and wellness. 

Downtown Orlando is already home to numerous religious and social institutions focused on community service. Downtown Orlando’s two nearby hospital campuses and the emerging Creative Village offer even greater opportunities to expand community services and resources for self-improvement and social entrepreneurship. 

We will grow as a city that takes pride in taking care of its own by: 

  • Providing more opportunities for social engagement and activity for all ages and abilities through more events, volunteer opportunities, and festivals. 
  • Integrating the idea of “collective impact” and bringing numerous organizations together to follow a single set of goals and give rise to a common agenda for solving specific social problems, such as homelessness or barriers to education. 
  • Embracing efforts to reduce all forms of homelessness.
  • Providing ways for people to connect with each other and to the causes and organizations they care about. 
  • Ensuring that downtown continues to be a safe environment to live, work, and play. 
  • Humanizing homelessness and changing the perception of how our homeless population is viewed.

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