The action plan will be developed through a 4-phase process to analyze factors that support downtown’s livability, sustainability, and vitality, to develop strategies and concepts to support creating a more walkable city, and to document the recommendations for implementation.


A comprehensive visioning process launched in 2014 focused on advancing downtown Orlando and resulting in the DTO Vision Plan and DTOutlook.

Phase 1

February 2022-July 2022
A focus on creating a common understanding of the study area, its opportunities, and its challenges.

Phase 2

August 2022-October 2022
A focus on dreaming big while developing overarching networks, frameworks, and strategies.

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Phase 3

November 2022–February 2023
A focus on digging into the details, developing concepts for projects, policies, and programs, as well as a plan for action.

Phase 4

January 2023-April 2023
A focus on documenting the recommendations into an equitable, implementation-driven plan.

The Future

Once the action plan is complete, the hard work of actualizing it begins. Stay connected to downtown Orlando and be part of its continued evolution.

Project DTO 2.0 is led by the City of Orlando and the Downtown Development Board + Community Redevelopment Agency.

City of Orlando
The City of Orlando’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in the city by delivering public services in a knowledgeable, responsive, and financially responsible manner.
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Downtown Development Board
The mission of the Orlando Downtown Development Board (DDB) is to strengthen the role of downtown Orlando as the economic, governmental and cultural center of Central Florida.
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Community Redevelopment Agency
The mission of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is to aggressively pursue redevelopment and revitalization activities within the 1,664-acre Downtown Redevelopment Area.
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The action plan will focus on the Downtown Core and its relationship to nearby neighborhoods + the city at large.

core nested
study areas


Downtown Action Plan

Core planning area


Study Area Plus


Parking Division Downtown District Boundary


Greater Downtown

Contextual Influence Area

core by the

0.8 square miles

509 acres

30 min x 10 min
Walk time

7,970’ x 2,720’
1.5 miles x 0.51 miles

The action plan will be created by a team of experts spanning urban planning, transportation, placemaking, and public engagement.

The City + DDB + CRA conducted a public selection process to locate the planning team—which included a Request for Qualifications in 2020, a Request for Proposals from selected teams in 2020, and an interview from selected teams in 2021. The team below brings together people with global experience in the technical areas of planning and design and people with local experience in downtown and with communities throughout the region.

Perkins&Will (Co-Lead)
Perkins&Will is an interdisciplinary, research-based planning and design firm collaborating with communities all over the world to create healthy, active, and sustainable places. Visit their website

Nelson\Nygaard (Co-Lead)
Nelson\Nygaard is a transportation planning firm that works to develop multimodal solutions that create more vibrant, sustainable, and accessible communities. Visit their website

James Lima Planning + Development
JLP+D is a real estate, economic development, urban planning, and policy advisory firm specializing in the economics of placemaking.
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Speck & Associates
Led by Jeff Speck, Speck & Associates is a firm offering design and advisory services to public officials and the real estate industry on making cities more walkable, vital, and resilient.
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GAI’s Community Solutions Group
GAI’s Community Solutions Group is a local cross-functional team of professionals that help create sustainable, livable places from policy to construction.
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Prismatic is a woman-owned creative agency headquartered in downtown Orlando focused on engaging and connecting people with places they love.
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Urbe Studio
Urbë Studio is a transportation planning and urban design firm
that focuses on placemaking, multimodal corridor planning, and the implementation of livable streets strategies.
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Rhodes+Brito Architects
Rhodes+Brito Architects is an award winning, full-service architectural practice based in downtown Orlando and founded in 1996.
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Avcon is a planning, engineering, and construction management firm that began in downtown Orlando with four employees that has grown to over 100 highly qualified and dedicated individuals in offices throughout the Southeast.
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Drummond Carpenter
Drummond Carpenter is an environmental and water resources engineering and applied research firm headquartered in Orlando.
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