A vision driven framework for driving actionable changes downtown.

Downtown should be a place for all people.

Downtown should be personified by a vital street system and transit network.

Downtown should be exceptional every day.

Downtown should be a neighborhood of diverse districts and corridors.

Downtown should be the cultural hub of the region.

To build a thriving downtown, the plan will provide projects, policies, and program recommendations for four areas of focus.

Focus 1: Streets

Great streets for walking have vibrant street life day and night

Focus 2: Civic Spaces

Great places to gather that encourage community connections

Focus 3: Mobility Options

Great biking and transit networks that are safe and seamless

Focus 4: Districts and Neighborhoods

Great identifiable communities that are connected to one another

Areas of Focus

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streets/public right-of-way
180   acres
35%  of the downtown core

spaces in the study area
spaces impacting the study area
64  acres
12.6%  of the downtown core

existing paths + trails
existing bike lanes
existing bus lanes

destinations + districts
park/open space destinations