Economic Vitality

DTOpportunity: A Great Place for Business

Authored by: Jamie Kruger
September 13, 2022

The opportunity economy lives here. 

Every day, a workforce of more than 70,000 powers DTO’s opportunity economy, making it one of the region’s major employment centers and home to headquarters, satellite offices, tenacious tech companies, and spirited start-ups. Centrality, livability, mobility, and accessibility are many of the reasons they have chosen DTO as their business home, while continuous improvements in these areas will keep them invested here.

Orlando is the world’s vacation destination. The power of this universally recognized brand can be leveraged. Between our transportation system, outstanding education, hotels, entertainment, sports, and natural resources, we have every opportunity to also become the world’s business destination. 

By magnetizing and retaining creators, innovators, and thought leaders and then powering opportunities for those bright minds to connect, DTO can become a center for innovation that leads the local economy and fuels the global economy. 

Innovations in government service and processes that work to ease or erase hurdles so businesses can join our opportunity economy faster will help us expand our business community. Maintaining an evolutionary open mindset in City Hall will ensure that DTO can meet the needs and take advantage of new industries and business cultural norms as they emerge. 

We will assure our position as a great place for business by: 

  • Continuing to be a business destination where private enterprise can flourish and businesses of all types and sizes can find the environment and resources to succeed. 
  • Evolving alongside industry and business trends to stay at the forefront of economic development. 
  • Reducing barriers to entry for our business community by improving and streamlining various city processes. 
  • Increasing our commitment to technology and entrepreneurship. 
  • Focusing on developing the right talent pool to attract the right businesses. 
  • Leveraging our international brand by strengthening economic ties to visitors, business owners, and investors worldwide. 
  • Raising awareness regarding the downtown economy and quality of life to recruit corporate headquarters and investment to the urban core.

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